Patent and Trademark Pledge Financing Grossed 33.7 Billion Yuan for the First Quarter of 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, patent and trademark pledge financing grossed 33.7 billion yuan, up 15.5%, and the number of pledge items reached 1,633, up 13.8%, revealed at a press conference of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), summarizing tremendous growth in both number of projects and value of loans during the period mostly hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Relevant policies, including the Ten Measures to Support the Resumption of Work and Production jointly promulgated by the State Administration for Market Regulation, National Medical Products Administration and CNIPA, have provided useful guidance for the improvement. The document pointed out that all the localities shall make full use of IP financing to alleviate the burden on enterprises and pay close attention to the technology demands for epidemic prevention and control and the development work of relevant scientific research units, post technology demands on various IP transaction and operation platforms and organize personnel to rapidly transform relevant patents, meeting the demand of front-line anti-epidemic workers.

Plenty of more mature patterns of IP pledge financing has been explored and the efficiency of the transfer and use of IP has been enhanced year by year. According to the statistics released by CNIPA, in 2019, patent transfer, licensing and pledge are done 307,000 times, up 21.3%; the total number of patent and trademark pledge financing logged at 151.5 billion yuan, up 23.8%; the transaction volume of IP-related technology contracts amounted to 928.69 billion yuan, up 137.7%.

The selection of main cities to build IP operation service systems contributes to rapid construction of an IP operation system. At present, the first eight main cities have developed unique experiences, obtaining great achievements in facilitating local IP work, accelerating the efficient combination of IP with innovative resources, financial capital and industrial development, making full use of IP to promote local economic development. 

According to a notice jointly issued by CNIPA's General Affairs Office and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance recently, some main cities will constantly be selected to support the building of IP operation service systems, motivate the realization of IP market value and boost high-quality development of regional economy. In the future, CNIPA will continue to push forward the progress of the projects of main cities, operation platforms and pilot projects, perfect IP operation system and stimulate the realization of IP value, better supporting the economic and social development. 


(Reprinted from the WeChat official account of CNIPA)