CNIPA facilitates association with judicial procedures

Ms. Haoyu Feng of Chofn IP

To facilitate the association between administrative and judicial procedures relating to trademark rights and solve the difficulty of delivering legal documents in administrative lawsuits, on June 11, 2020, the China National IP Administration (CNIPA) decided to follow the Court’s advice by revising the application forms for disapproval appeals, invalidation, and cancellation appeal. In the new forms, the applicants can tick the block relating to the address of delivery to extend the use of the same address to the following judicial procedures.

Although the CNIPA failed to mention whether the applicants can request for change of the address in the future if they are not satisfied with the local counsel or for other reasons, we have reason to believe that the CNIPA and the Courts can respect the private right and permit the change. Therefore, it is advisable to allow the local counsel to tick the block to enjoy the convenience and save resources.